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Be Your Dream workshop and course

"Dreams are the touchstones of our characters." Henry David Thoreau

What is your dream?
You're possibly very familiar with this question. You may even be very familiar with the answer.

Why is this your dream?
You've maybe thought a little less about this question. Why is your dream important to you? Why are our dreams important to us?

How can I live my dream right now?
Your dream is an expression of you in the world. What is the essence of your dream? And how can you bring that into your life in every moment?

The 'Be Your Dream' course/workshop offers a guide through the highs and lows,
possibilities, disappointments, surprises and blocks that come with following our
dream path, and a deeper exploration of what that dream journey is really about. Examining
our aspirational dreams; the values and purpose that are behind them, where we are on our journey with them, what tools can help us on that journey, who we are being in that dream
and how we can live that dream right now.

The path of our dreams, if we choose to take it, is generally not very straight and for sure it's not always easy. But it's a very important one, it's our life's work, it's what connects us to our meaning and purpose. As a dreamer who's followed my own dreams, and worked with those of others for over 10 years, I know this very well!
Using simple creative and visual tools as well as coaching and mindfulness techniques we'll discover and explore the 'golden thread' that runs through, and drives, your dream. Getting you in touch with your dream-vision, to the root of what it is and why it matters to you, and giving you the courage, clarity and compassion not just to follow your dream, but to BE your dream.

Be Your Dream for organisations:
What is the dream, or vision, of your organisation?
What is your organisation's bigger vision for the world and how does the organisation's vision fit to this?
What are the dream/visions of the individuals within that organisation and how are they aligning with the overall vision?
For your company or community this workshop will explore these three strands of your visions to bring clarity, empowerment and harmony in the dreams you are co-creating.

Be Your Dream for groups:
This is ideally a one day workshop for a minimum of 2 and maximum of 20 people. It can also be held over two sessions on separate days. I'd be very happy to discuss with you what your desires and requirements would be and find what would best fit you and your group. Shorter workshops are also possible.

Be Your Dream for individuals:
This workshop is offered as:
• A one day workshop (over 5 hours including a break) working through your dream.
• Two x 2 hour sessions.
• A coaching course of 4 sessions over 8 weeks.

Please contact me with any questions, for further logistics and fees, and to work out the right fit if this is for you, at

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