takes all kinds of dreams - daydreams, night dreams, aspirations, wishes, fantasties and visions.
They are the key to our imaginations, the guides to our hearts and the creators of our world.

Since 2005 I have travelled with the dreamcoat to festivals, fields, homes, streets, offices, picnics and parties all over the world, collecting
people’s dreams. All kinds of dreams: daydreams, night dreams,
aspirations, visions, fantasies and wishes. It works like this:

Each of it’s pockets has a dream inside.
Anyone can have a dream from a pocket.
But they must exchange it for one of their own.
So you give your dream...
...and you get a stranger’s dream.


The Dreamcoat is a celebration of the amazing collaboration we humans are involved in and I want to invite as much participation in this as possible by offering:
Creatively engaging workshops for groups, communities, companies, organisations and individuals, exploring how to live our dreams.
Inspiring and engaging talks on dreams, the dreamcoat journey and it's discoveries.
Interactive walkabout at events, public gatherings, festivals, conferences etc.
A 'dreambooth' where dreamers can share their dreams in a welcoming space.


To book, enquire or admire contact;