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Who and what?

Fascinating and funny, serious and sad, ambitious, absurd, romantic, poignant, naughty, nostalgic, innocent, wordly, cheeky and magical and above all human. Our dreams are as diverse as those who dream them. Here's a few that have come and gone through the coat...

Sakis, on Mount Olympus, Greece, received this dream from Fran from the UK/NZ: "To breathe the freshest of air on the brightest of mornings. And to find peace in body and mind....absolute bliss...."

Tim in Brighton got Kate from London's sleep dream.

Vanya from Czech was moved by Rasheeda's dream: "Inshallah (by the will of God) I will be a midwife".

Sawad on his lunch break at Canary Wharf, London got this dream from David, Edinburgh: "I just want peace. Peace in myself. To belong. That's all. Just that. Thanks."

This Canary Wharf Security Officer got the dream of a Russian lady: "I would like to have a baby with my husband Martin. Healthy, happy baby!"

Two Turkish friends; Djanan got a beautiful poem from an Irishman. Delik got "I wish for lots and lots of love, kisses and hugs." from Danielle in Brighton (via her 9 year old daughter).

Love is a common theme....

...and so are happiness and world peace, as Sham found out when he got this dream, which was very much like the one he'd just given...

....which was received by Tracy: "For all humanity to love one another, free of hate and anger. For each of us to have a greater sense of awareness and have a peace on earth, with loving kindness and music!"

Dee from Nigeria was more specific with his dream of world peace: "To be an advocate for world peace starting from my country Nigeria. Whereby I can bring peace among ethnic groups of Christians and Muslims to reduce the killing and death."

Martin the Swiss dentist got the dream of Ruby the Osteopath: "To provide healthcare to third world countries. To either work for an already established charity or set up on my own. Working as an osteopath. To leave a lasting impact on those around me"...

....and Martin's dream was that "all the people would understand each other".... our dreams help us to do that?

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