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Nomadic Explorer

In 2007 after 10 years of living in London, I changed my life; I reduced my belongings, put them all in storage, bought a campervan and went 'nomad'.

It was and is a wonderful adventure, and I've learned a lot and made many discoveries including these:

~ Life is a magical adventure, trust it, love it.

~ We need each other. And we love to support each other. I have a huge list of the incredible, wonderful people who have supported me over these years and I'm deeply grateful to them all.


~ There are other ways! Finding my own is the most challenging and rewarding and UNREGRETTABLE thing I have done. I highly recommend it!


~ Freedom has many forms but ultimately inside you is where you have to find it.


~ Wandering the world, connecting us to our stories, and our stories to each others is what I love to do and I've found creativity is a transcendent way to do this! Art, music, dance and so on are the most expressive, inclusive and expansive forms of communication we have.


I'm now based back in London, still wandering the world, connecting us and our stories and celebrating the magic that brings.

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