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June 4, 2015


So tomorrow is the first of my 'walks for dreams'. I'm feeling equally scared and excited. But strangely, it's the same reason for both - I'm scared because this isn't a very normal thing to do and I'm excited because this isn't a very normal thing to do.

When I started doing the coat 10 years ago it took me a fair bit of getting over minding looking slightly ridiculous whilst approaching strangers with personal questions! Of course it was enormously worth it.

And with the very rare exception people have been very receptive and open to it. But tomorrow's a bit different. This will be the first time I've taken the coat into the everyday 'normal' world. And it'll be in London. Where people are very busy. And in a hurry. And not terribly open to engaging with strangers. I'm curious about what the response will be!

That's the scary part. The exciting part is that that's exactly why I want to walk through the streets asking people what their dreams are. I've been at festivals, parties, celebrations, and places I was invited and expected, places that seem natural for dreamers. I've experienced how valuable our dreams are to us, they're our guides to who we are and what we're doing here - we should pay them a lot of attention! And I'm excited to offer the everyday world a chance to do that.

I might get a lot of blank looks and avoided gazes, but I'm pretty sure there's going to be some magic too. There always is. And that's really why I'm doing this, that's the world I want to live in, a world where magic is always possible anywhere.

Thanks for all your help, support, appreciation and encouragement so far - it's amazing and inspiring! Thank you dreamers xx




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