Dream Walk No2 - Avoncliff to Bath

July 11, 2015

Dream walk no2 happened last Saturday in Somerset. I was just a few days back from a long, hard week working at Glastonbury festival, my feet, bones and brain not yet recovered and protesting slightly at the thought of more walking and more interaction with strangers!

But we had a good send off from our hosts Lottie, Rosie and Nicola, who'd given me a lovely landing in Frome.

 It was a beautiful day despite the forecasts for storms (this seems to be the theme for the summer here this year). I'd chosen to walk from Avoncliff Aqueduct into Bath city centre and it turned out to be a top choice - a really beautiful part of the canal path, even despite the sewage works!

 I made a quick pit stop in the pub there to do a Clark Kent and get into costume then dropped down onto the towpath and headed towards Bath. It wasn't long before I met John, who was out on a run, and stopped to admire the coat, which lead to him putting a dream in it.

 This kind of set the tone for the day, I let the coat attract the dreams and it did pretty well.

This couple from were making their way from Derbyshire to Bristol - living their dream?

 There were a lot boaters, runners, cyclists - one cyclist even called out at me that I was missing out by not having a bike! But I love walking because you get to see and explore so much, there's more detail in a walk. This day I saw mass picnics with people jumping in waterfalls, a regional relay race....and the Floating Cinema where Hannah was working and where I was given a very welcome glass of elderflower water.

It was great meeting Mar and his dog, he's been living on his boat for a lot of years because he wanted a life of ease and quiet. He bobs about the canal here selling teas, coffees and ice creams to passers-by - there was a big influx while I was there as a stag party boat stopped for a round of ice creams.

My last encounter of the day was with 3 friends who'd met years ago at art school and were having a canalside reunion lunch at Paul's boat. Apparently Jane had just been telling them about a dream she'd had the night before. And Petra took out a dream about having  daughter which was something else they'd been talking about. Little bits of magic and delight were sprinkled for all of us and I made the last bit of the walk into the city just as little bits of rain were sprinkled.






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