Dream walk No3, Folkestone

August 21, 2015

It wasn't intentional for all the walks (so far) to be next to water, just how it happened to happen. First river, then canal, then walk number 3 along the seafront on the south east coast. The plan was to walk from Hythe to Folkestone where I'm very lucky to be involved in the re-opening of the Harbour Arm, a stunning and historically fascinating spot that's been closed off to the public for years. I spent all day Saturday helping out at this beautiful buzzing event, seeing a great mix of locals and visitors coming together and celebrating this stunning addition to this town that's not without it's troubles but is brimming with personality and it's own very particular charm and style.

So on Sunday morning, slightly the worse for wear after the previous days successes, I took a bus to Hythe which is about 4 miles along the coast from Folkestone and started walking along the seafront. It was a beauiful day, there were plenty of people out on the shingly beach but my journey mostly looked a bit like this....

Something I'm discovering about these walks in public with the coat is that there are times when people are out doing their thing, having a bit of chill time and they're not up for getting engaged with passing strangers in weird clothes. Fair enough. We're pretty bombarded with stuff to engage in in our lives, I'm all for taking moments for ourselves. So far I've experienced this with people who are are picnic-ing, or tourist-ing. But when people are just going about their normal stuff, or they're on the move (escape route!) they can be pretty up for interaction. Maybe there's something in that - dreams are welcome when people are looking for escapism not so much when they're already in it?! Hmm.
I had a couple of nice chats with people but no dreams so I decided to head straight back to Folkestone and hit the harbour. Being greeted by the Folkestone Brass Band on the Leas was a good start.

 Then I encountered this dreamy lot...

 She dreamed of sunny days forever, the dream she pulled out said simply 'contentment'.


 This view from the harbour looks out towards Calais and it kept coming to my mind that day that there were a lot of people out there who would have some very different dreams, and who'd be having a very different day to the one we were so, so lucky to be having. Made this dream seem extra potent.


 Hopefully one day Alex's dream will make sense to Matilda, meanwhile she's dreaming that Elsa from the animated Disney film 'Frozen' will come and stay with her. I love a proper good fantastical dream, why not when you've got the chance?!

 Paul's dream was about exploring and coming back to the start, he talked about the idea of giving up dreaming to enjoy the present but then realised the present is entirely made up of dreams, the place where we were standing being an amazing example of that. A history of dreams on dreams. There used to be a railway line going right up to the sea with a station on the pier, loading and unloading cargo and travellers, this picture is taken on what used to be the platform and is now buzzing with people and life again.






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