Brixton, Bahia and Bela Lugosi

October 23, 2015

Earlier this month I had the appropriate honour of bringing the Dreamcoat to the launch night of Club Silly, an occasional extension of brilliant arts company the Bureau of Silly Ideas. I've been a fan of BoSI for a while, they put daft stuff into public places to get us to question what's actually going on and what's actually absurd, and how interchangeable those can be. Their HQ is in Brixton, I can imagine they get a lot of inspiration just walking from the tube to the studio. Such a non-stop fizz of eccentricity, charisma and bold randomness, Brixton seems to not give a shit what people think of it.... I love it and it was great to be back there.


To get into the party you had to climb through a parked van/exploded panto dressing room and engage in whatever met you there. What I unexpectedly met in there was my Brazilian friend Carolina who'd also been drawn to the silliness. As a bonus she got to do some dreaming as well...

Which was when we discovered an important bit of dreamcoat kit was not quite with us - my camera battery was completely done. We took this pic with Carolina's phone, but the rest of the dreamers went unrecorded, other than the photos I took of their dreams back at home, once I was reunited with my camera.
Carolina is from Salvador, Bahia in Brazil - an insanely vibrant city that seems to be a non-stop carnival. This was her dream, which felt fitting for the evening....

As always, the dreams and dreamers were far ranging. I really enjoyed talking to Jamie from Northern Ireland about the effectiveness of creative engagement and the respect the audience needs to be given, sometimes a very subtle open invitation that can be either taken, refused or ignored, but then at other times  an intimidating onslaught or persuasive co-ersion might be called for. It takes a certain type of skill for each.

My favourite dream of the evening was a suitably ridiculous 'sleeping' dream, from Isabel (I couldn't read all the words, sorry Isabel!)....
  "I was invited to a dinner party with strange people, they were all real characters, especially my friend, she was a ?? without a face - her face and head was just a drawing. The people at the party were Frankensteins, Vampires (2) and other weird guys. The two vampires, one of them really kind, he was my friend. But the other one was ??, he was Bela Lugosi and he stared at me all the time, while he was talking in Greek to his vampire friend. Bela Lugosi wanted to bite me so I was thinking how to defend me and and I came up with the garlic - I made everybody eat garlic and would have them fart into tubes from where I force Bela Lugosi to breath that. in the end he would die from that. I covered his body with tonnes(?) of shredded paper. Only his feet would peak out, just a part of his legs with these perfect black trousers and shiny black shoes."



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