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Life seems to have created for me a role as a dream worker. To be fair, I was an easy target and willing victim.
With the dreamcoat I have exchanged all kinds of dreams between all kinds of people from many parts of the world - because this is a language we all know. It's universal yet at the same time incredibly individual. Naturally, as a dreamer, I became entranced by and immersed in this language. And as while gathering these dreams I was simultaneously following my own dreams, I became fairly fluent in it. While navigating the highs and hurdles and twists and turns of my own journey, I was observing the dream process first hand as well as second hand. I was learning my trade, unintentionally honing my craft as a dream worker.

Why Dream?

Dreams are essential.
They are the key to our imaginations, the guides to our hearts and the creators of our world. Dreams are our essence.They connect us to who we are, they challenge, teach, motivate, move and inspire us.They are personal and precious and at the same time, utterly universal.

And as I saw how very important our dreams are to us a question started to really intrigue me….why?
Because they're not always easy. In fact, most of the time they're a challenge of vastly varying difficulty. They're an extremely vulnerable territory, a lot of unknowns, a lot of exposure, and disappointment, doubt, disillusion and despondency have high probability ratings. And no guaranteed outcome. Eieuuu.

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