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October 23, 2015

Earlier this month I had the appropriate honour of bringing the Dreamcoat to the launch night of Club Silly, an occasional extension of brilliant arts company the Bureau of Silly Ideas. I've been a fan of BoSI for a while, they put daft stuff into public places to get us to question what's actually going on and what's actually absurd, and how interchangeable those can be. Their HQ is in Brixton, I can imagine they get a lot of inspiration just walking from the tube to the studio. Such a non-stop fizz of eccentricity, charisma and bold randomness, Brixton seems to not give a shit what people think of it.... I love it and it was great to be back there.

To get into the party you had to climb thr...

September 21, 2015

So 10 years ago I had this dream about making this coat, it was a dream very unique to me but it's been very far from a solo project, journey or experience, it's been a massively collective experience in very many ways. From the dreamers who've contributed to their dreams that we can all relate to, and also in the actual physical creation of the coat, the dreamcoat is a huge collective collaboration.

This is how the first incarnation of the coat looked at Burning Man, 2005. I hand-stitched it together myself in the weeks before the festival. It was pretty shoddily done, I only expected to be using it for that festival. Little did I know. The first lot of dreams had been collected from frien...

September 9, 2015

I haven't done the last walk yet. There's a few reasons for that but mainly it's because the energy or inspiration for it hasn't come and it's pretty important to have those things for this. If I'm not feeling it, I can't respond to people and they won't respond to me.

Of course I put pressure on myself to do it - I'd made a promise, a commitment and it was a 'special one' (10 years since I started doing this), but pressure tends to have an adverse effect, it's kind of internal nagging, and nagging doesn't generally have a a feel-good/yeah-let's-do-it outcome. And I remembered the wisdom of this dream…watch out for the 'shoulds'…

So I'm going back to glorious spontaneity and the freedom of u...

August 21, 2015

It wasn't intentional for all the walks (so far) to be next to water, just how it happened to happen. First river, then canal, then walk number 3 along the seafront on the south east coast. The plan was to walk from Hythe to Folkestone where I'm very lucky to be involved in the re-opening of the Harbour Arm, a stunning and historically fascinating spot that's been closed off to the public for years. I spent all day Saturday helping out at this beautiful buzzing event, seeing a great mix of locals and visitors coming together and celebrating this stunning addition to this town that's not without it's troubles but is brimming with personality and it's own very particular...

July 11, 2015

Dream walk no2 happened last Saturday in Somerset. I was just a few days back from a long, hard week working at Glastonbury festival, my feet, bones and brain not yet recovered and protesting slightly at the thought of more walking and more interaction with strangers!

But we had a good send off from our hosts Lottie, Rosie and Nicola, who'd given me a lovely landing in Frome.

 It was a beautiful day despite the forecasts for storms (this seems to be the theme for the summer here this year). I'd chosen to walk from Avoncliff Aqueduct into Bath city centre and it turned out to be a top choice - a really beautiful part of the canal path, even despite the sewage works!

 I mad...

June 10, 2015

The first 'walk for dreams' is done, last Friday I put on the coat in a little cafe in Greenwich Market and stepped out into the unsuspecting world scattering dreams all the way along the Thames Path as far as the Southbank. And it was magical. Huge thanks to all those who's supported me so far - you've been amazing. Donations are still needed and welcome at this link.

I was unsure of how the reactions would be, I suspected a lot of blank, unresponsive gazes and a lot of eye contact avoidance - and there was definitely a bit of that! But I also discovered willing dreamers in all kinds of unexpected places - willing to engage with the oddball in the colourful coat and hand over a very persona...

June 4, 2015


So tomorrow is the first of my 'walks for dreams'. I'm feeling equally scared and excited. But strangely, it's the same reason for both - I'm scared because this isn't a very normal thing to do and I'm excited because this isn't a very normal thing to do.

When I started doing the coat 10 years ago it took me a fair bit of getting over minding looking slightly ridiculous whilst approaching strangers with personal questions! Of course it was enormously worth it.

And with the very rare exception people have been very receptive and open to it. But tomorrow's a bit different. This will be the first time I've taken the coat into the everyday 'normal' world. And it'll be in London. Where people...

May 27, 2015

As I've written about in the events page on this site I'm about to celebrate 10 years of the dreamcoat by walking for our dreams. I'll be doing 4 walks over the summer, each one with a theme based on a dream that's come through the coat over these last 10 years.


The first walk is about a dream given by Jonny Blue Eyes in 2012 and it was 'Fall in love with yourself'. Jonny thought this dream was very important, in fact so important that he thought it should go in every single pocket. I wasn't sure that I wanted to ditch all those other dreams but I could see his point, and as time's gone on since then can see it more and more.


What does it mean to fall in love with yourself and why is it so i...

May 13, 2015


Plenty of good dreaming was done at the Lizard Spring Extravaganza in Tottenham, London on May Bank Holiday weekend including these….

Djanan got a beautiful poem that had been in the coat since 2012 - and it had been written by a friend she rarely sees but who happened to be at the festival that day!

Dilek got a dream written by Danielle from Brighton, a single parent, who's 9 year old daughter had instructed her to write this as her dream….


"I wish for lots and lots of love kisses and hugs"


April 23, 2015

Paulo told me a story about being out on his bike recently and almost bumping into someone. The someone called out after him "watch out!". The phrase really captured Paulo and he thought about how much he loved it. He told me it made him think about how inward we can be, inside our own worlds, thinking and thinking and internalising our whole world and becoming disconnected from the world around us. He loved the idea of this reminder being shouted to him to "watch OUT" - to look out into the world around him, to be aware, feel, see and connect with the life and worlds around us.