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These are the latest things happening, please get in touch to book, find out more, say hello....



Friday 5th June
Dreamcoat - Walk for Dreams No1 sponsored walk.
Thames path from Greenwich to Southbank, London

June 24th - 28th
VanToosh - Glastonbury Festival - Greenpeace field stage bar, Lizard Stage and Silent Disco, times tbc


Saturday 4th July

Dreamcoat - Walk for Dreams No2 sponsored walk.
Starting 11am. Bradford on Avon - Bath along canal tow path.


Friday 24th - Sunday 26th July
VanToosh - Secret Garden Party - The Lizard Stage
Fri 1-2am    Sat 11-12pm    Sun 9-10pm


Saturday 10th August
VanToosh - Folkestone Harbour Arm, 8pm


Sunday 9th August

Dreamcoat - Walk for Dreams No3 sponsored walk.

From Hythe to Folkestone, Kent.


Friday 14th - Sunday 16th August
VanToosh - The Rollright Fayre, Little Rollright, Oxordshire

Friday 28th, Saturday 29th
VanToosh - Folkestone Harbour Arm. Times tbc.


Wednesday Sept 2nd/Thursday Sept 3rd
Dreamcoat - Walk for Dreams No4 sponsored walk.
SPECIAL 10th ANNIVERSARY-NESS, location to be suggested, discussed and decided.


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