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Life and Soul Coaching.

'At the core of every human being is an unwavering band of light' - Kurt Vonnegut

As your coach I will give you the space to be heard, to be championed and challenged, to be you, to see choices, to notice changes, to acknowledge and appreciate your courage and to discover and live what's truly in your heart. We'll develop together a dynamic coach-client relationship that recognises, supports and encourages your inherent skills, creativity and resourcefulness, to bring you...

Liberation from unhelpful mind habits, stories and limiting beliefs, creating new perspectives and possibilites.
Connection to your values and life purpose, and a fresh appreciation for the path they're taking you on.

Self-empowerment and confidence through self-acceptance and self-compassion.

The tools and techniques to bring lasting change.
A re-awakened sense and love of your unique part in the collaborative creation of our world.









​Who is it for?

I coach both one-to-one and in groups, and it's for you if you want to live fully and wholeheartedly and are committed to giving that to yourself.


How can you find out more?

If you're intrigued, or even excited, to know more, then I'd really love to hear from you.
A 30 minute no-obligation exploration is the first step, to see if we're a good fit and to find out if coaching together will direct you to what you are looking for most in your life right now.
This and any further sessions can be held over phone, Skype or in person.
Send me an email at njsokell@gmai and we can take it from there.


"I knew that I was feeling somewhat uncentered and lacking in focus, which in turn was affecting both my personal and professional life. When I began a series of coaching sessions with Nicola I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

After 6 sessions I felt re-centred, deeply connected to everything around me and ready to take on the world, or rather, not “take on” because there’s implied adversarialism in that statement which I don’t like. Instead, let’s say I felt ready to embrace the world, ready to dive into it head first, knowing that whatever may come, I had all the necessary resources at hand. Some months later this statement holds true.

As a coach Nicola is many things. At times gentle, at others challenging yet always compassionate, I felt completely safe in her hands. Her care for her clients shines through and I wholeheartedly recommend her.

Since the sessions ended my inner and outer selves grow closer and I know that process will continue. I live from a place of kindness and care which is deeply empowering and which affects every aspect of my life. When I find myself slipping into old ways of being I have the tools to hand that allow me to realign and move forward. That’s the power of the expert coaching Nicola provides."

Allison, Playwright

"My experience of coaching with Nicola on a fortnightly basis assisted me in completing important tasks in my life that I hadn't felt able to accomplish. With her help I learnt new skills to tackle difficult projects creatively and managed to double my income in that time.
Through Nicola's sensitive guidance and reflection on my life issues I had not only a good sounding board but also a skilled counsellor whose listening skills are surpassed only by her passion for her work and her never-ending patience."

Zaka, Body Worker

"Nicola was quite brave taking me on, given that I had depression as well as a set of bad habits and thought processes, but the life coaching I had last year from her helped me enormously, and a number of people I know commented on how much better I seem to them. I have become much more resilient than I was and I have done more since starting than probably in the two years previous.  Some of the ingredients may be things you already know of but somehow, when used in skilled hands at the right time and in just the right way and right combination, magic happens.
There were several big things I learned, like just how much your state of mind can be related to your physical posture and surroundings. The process can also be a good deal of fun and I had a great time engaging my imagination.  Not that it might not be challenging at points, or uncomfortable (taking a compliment is still a bit tricky for me, although I now have a sense of humour about it)! So, let me recommend you take a voyage yourself!"

James, Writer

"The coaching from Nicola Sokell was really what I needed to focus my attention on the positive aspects of my life and business, and also to equip me with some simple techniques that enable me to keep the gremlins at bay. I hadn't realised how much of my energy was spent sabotaging my own potential with negativity and self doubt. Recognising something like that, and being reminded how far I've come, rather than always stressed about how far I still have to go, has helped me into a more peaceful, positive and happier place. Nicola is so easy to talk to - and one of those people put here to make the world a better place!
Since having the coaching with Nicola, I've found that I can apply the techniques and practices in my work and life to help me be more objective, positive and calm in situations I might otherwise find stressful or negative. The increased calm and confidence has enabled me to do what I do better, and I'm sure has been a factor in my business being busier than ever right now, I'm very happy with the direction things are moving in."

Jason, Film Maker

"Nicola is very skilled at bring the best out of you. I was struggling with some issues on my own creativity, feeling I was lacking somewhat. As the sessions went on it made me look at different ways of facing challenges. I found the coaching life enabling and life enhancing.
Most of the changes that it brought about Nicola coaxed it out from within myself. She didn’t give solutions but helped me find ways to face issues.
Since beginning the sessions a few months ago I can honestly say some key issues have begun to look much less like the bogey man. Confidence is growing and I am looking forward to the challenges rather than ducking them.
I would recommend anyone who has confidence issues (that’s everyone isn’t it?) to book some sessions with Nicola."

Brenda, Singer

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