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Heart & Soul Surgery

The Heart and Soul Surgery provide
workshops to empower and connect through playful creativity.

The Surgery is a place to check-up and cheer up the condition of your heart and soul, to feed, nurture and nourish them with  creation, appreciation, participation and inspiration in an easy and open, encouraging and enjoyable space. Filled with projects and pictures, exercises and games for 'patients' to discover, be inspired by and express themselves in their own wonderful ways, while also having enticing opportunities to create unexpected art with others.

Sessions may include: medicinal making stuff, writing remedies, art aids, no-pressure taking, appreciation practices, physio play.
Patients are asked to bring at least a small sample of enthusiasm and good will.
Patients may be asked to leave their cool and conditioning at reception. You can retrieve it on leaving the Surgery should you wish to.

Made to be mobile, Surgery sessions can be held in homes, community spaces..... and car parks.
The Surgery can brought to you at your work, community, event or home.
You may need it for a few hours or a few days, or even weeks.
Treatments include:
• Connection through creativity: both personal and interpersonal
• Experience and understanding of how we and others work, play, interact and dream
• Encouragement and support leading to further exploration, confidence and direction.
• The calm and clarity of being 'in the moment'.
• Discovering acceptance and enjoyment of process.

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