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The magical powers of the Dreamcoat can be brought to you and your community, organisation, company or event in these ways:

• Walkabout - the OG Dreamcoat experience. Interacting with individuals, giving them a glittering moment, creating ripples of goodness throughout.


• Pilgrimage walks - intention setting, attention giving. Slowing down, reclaiming our attention, reflecting and discovering what’s wanting to be said to us beyond the noise of the daily world.

• Workshops - exploring our individual dreams, connecting with each other through sharing dreams, uncovering the values within those dreams, investigating our dream journey - where we’ve been, where we are, where next and what’s needed for that, whether a dream for our selves, friends, families, strangers, our workplace, communities, society, the planet, the world.

• Exhibition - in galleries, shops, booths, windows, caravans, libraries, community centres, public spaces. We like accessible and inclusive, we also like quirky. Open to your suggestions.

• Talks - There's much to say about this theme and this project, particularly about the importance of our dreams.

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That this is an ‘analogue’ project seems significant in a world that has become increasingly digitised and arguably more disconnected through that. Asking a person to their face that most personal of questions - “what is your dream” - adds a vulnerability that is a vital part of the process because it opens the way for connection. Initially, in the asking of that question, connection to self. And connection to self, allowance and permission, the experience of sharing that piece of yourself with an unknown, makes room for connection with the other. Understanding of the vulnerability of their sharing, a space to allow similarities and differences.

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