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Years of Dreamcoat activity has seen how:

• Dreams are a universal language spanning the length and breadth of humanity’s past, present and future. In other words, they connect us.

• There’s a connection between all those dream types - they tell us things about ourselves, they’re guides to our lives, inner and outer.

• Sleeping dreams and visions connect us to our past: the practice of dream interpreting and guidance seems to have ever been an instinct of humans.

• Aspirations and again, visions, connect us to our future.

• All these things, our dream stories, demonstrates the connectedness of everything. Looking at the ‘timeline’ of our lives through the lense of our dreams we start to see how intertwined and interdependent all those
stories are.

The Dreamcoat offers an opportunity to wind back and sense where the dreams of our past have impacted our present. It creates space to consider not only what we truly want but why we want it. And maybe, just maybe, instigates a belief that our dreams are possible and a first step to making them so.

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