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 takes all kinds of dreams - daydreams, night dreams, aspirations, wishes, fantasties and visions.
They are the key to our imaginations, the guides to our hearts and the creators of our world.

Since 2005 I have travelled with the dreamcoat to festivals, fields, homes, streets, offices, picnics and parties all over the world, collecting
people’s dreams. All kinds of dreams: daydreams, night dreams,
aspirations, visions, fantasies and wishes. It works like this:

Each of it’s pockets has a dream inside.
Anyone can have a dream from a pocket.
But they must exchange it for one of their own.
So you give your dream...
...and you get a stranger’s dream.


The Dreamcoat is a celebration of the amazing collaboration we humans are involved in and it invites as much participation in this as possible by offering:
Creatively engaging workshops for groups, communities, companies, organisations and individuals.
Inspiring and engaging talks.
Interactive walkabout at events, public gatherings, festivals, conferences etc.
A 'dreambooth' where dreamers can share their dreams in a welcoming space.


To book, enquire or admire contact;

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